Food packaging company prosecuted after previous warnings

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Food packaging company prosecuted after previous warnings

A food packaging company has been prosecuted after previous warnings around the importance of machine guarding went unheeded.

In a decision released by the Albany District Court yesterday, Alto Packaging Limited was fined $250,000, and ordered to pay reparation of $32,500 after an incident in October 2017 in which a worker’s fingers were caught in a machine used to make food packaging.

The tips of two of the worker’s right fingers were later amputated. A subsequent WorkSafe investigation found the machine was not adequately safeguarded, which allowed the worker to access counter-rotating rollers in the machine.

The food packaging company had trained some of its staff on how to use machines, but failed to ensure machinery was adequately guarded.

Alto Packaging has more than 20 sites across the country and between 2014 and October 2017, WorkSafe issued the company with nine Improvement Notices and one Prohibition Notice. The majority of these notices related to machine guarding issues.

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