Online Management System

Designed to make health and safety simple.

All your Health & Safety requirements at your fingertips.

What is it?

The Kiwi Work Safe online management system is a low-cost subscription model that provides the policy statements, systems and forms required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA). Once completed the forms are stored in searchable repositories that prevent accidental deletion or tampering.

The online management system has been built with you in mind. Not everyone is an IT expert, and we have found that some systems can be impractical for busy people. Our online management system employs the software products you are familiar with and can be accessed using your Mac, PC, or mobile device.

All policy statements have been separated out from the HSWA for your convenience. They are easy to access, print, download or email.

Your online management system includes:

  • User training and ongoing support so you always know what to do.
  • Hazard identification and management system to ensure you’re across all risk in your business.
  • Contractor induction and management system so you can safely use your preferred contractors.
  • Investigations and self-assessment system because accidents do happen.
  • Health and safety templates in editable format to make documentation easy for you.
  • Refresher training reminders to keep your team aware of any health and safety changes
  • Automated reminders and agenda for health and safety meetings to help you keep your staff engaged.
  • Automated reminders and agenda for trial evacuations to test your systems and make sure your staff know what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • System repositories for completed templates with full audit trail and version control so you can easily find documentation
  • Comprehensive search function to locate documentation when you need it
  • Rehabilitation system – bringing your people back to work.
  • Drug and alcohol system – monitoring your staff and providing an action plan if you need one.
  • Ongoing, comprehensive health and safety compliance support via phone or email. We are a call away when you need us.

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